Term 5 Week 3

Hello lovely 5KT!

We are still missing you all very much! It has been so great to see some of the wonderful work you have been doing, as well as some of the photos of all of the other lovely things you have been doing!

Please make sure you scroll down in last week’s blog post to find the fitness video that SH has made – it is absolutely awesome!!

Here is what we have been getting up to this week:

Ms K

Ciao 5KT 👋 (Hi 5KT)

Come va? 😊 (How’s it going?)
I have re-started learning Italian, after stopping several years ago. This time I’m learning with my daughter and we’re watching a cartoon called Muzzy, who is a friendly monster, that speaks Italian. Is anyone else taking this time to learn a new language? Or maybe you already speak another language? If so we’d love to hear about it. P.S can anyone spot the subordinate clause/dropped clause in my sentence starting ‘This time….’ If you can comment underneath the post 🙂

Last week I was cooling off in the paddling pool, but in the last few days I’ve been in waterproofs splashing in puddles in a woolly hat! Very typical of April weather. I’m sure the warmer weather will be back soon. I built a marble run with my daughter while it poured outside today. What’s your favourite rainy day activity?

I’ve been taking part in the four Hockey challenges with my toy hobby horse and jingly ball. I needed to persevere to improve my scores, particularly as my hobby horse stick was tricky, but by Friday I got my highest score. Really looking forward to the Tennis challenges this week. Who else is taking part in the challenges? We’d love to see photos of you training.

Looking forward to hearing from you this week 😊

Ms K 🌈 apart together 💪🌟

Mrs T

Hello lovely 5KT!

You will see from my photo that this week I have finished another painting. This one is of a mermaid and it’s for my niece, who I am really missing at the moment. 🧜‍♀️ 

There is also a photo of me out for a walk near a lake in a local park – can any of you tell which park it is?!  On the same day I also found a fun tree to climb – so I have included a photo of me in the tree, too! 🌳

I’ve also included a photo of a huge boat which was going right into Sovereign Harbour! I was surprised to see this huge boat as it is far bigger than any other boat that I have ever seen there. 🛳️⚓ Has anyone else ever seen a boat this big in Eastbourne?!

There is also a picture of me in our paddling pool! Last weekend, the weather was so lovely and sunny that we spent some time splashing about in the garden. It was fun! ☀️

You can also see my attempt at the Hockey challenge! 🏑I had to use a golf club that is designed to be used for putting, but it was a pretty good substitute for a hockey stick, really! 🏌🏽‍♀️I am looking forward to trying out the Tennis challenges this week 🎾

This week I have been very lucky to spot two of our classmates when I have been out exercising! I saw EC when I was out cycling with my children, and PP when I was running along the seafront! Have you spotted any familiar faces when you have been out for exercise?

We are looking forward to hearing what you have been up to. We are missing you all and absolutely love getting all your emails and blog comments – keep them coming! 👍😊

Mrs T

Miss S

Hiya 5KT!😁

Hope you are all OK!
This week I’ve been learning more piano & guitar!🎸 I’m setting myself a challenge to try and learn a new song each week! It’s a tough challenge but I’m determined to stay on target. Have you got any challenges you would like to tackle?!

As you can see in my picture, I also baked a Red Velvet cake yesterday with vanilla butter icing. The texture is a bit different to a sponge cake, it’s more gooey. It tastes AMAZING! 🍰 I’ve also been making more yummy foods! My favourite this week was sausages and mashed potato with broccoli!

I have been reading lots of books during lock down. 📚 At the moment, I am reading about mindfulness. I like to sit down and read for about an hour a day. I feel this helps keep my mind focused too.

I found an online drawing tutorial called ‘Draw with Rob’ and had a go at drawing one of his book characters. I felt so pleased with myself as I don’t often draw so was impressed with how this turned out!! I named my dinosaur in the picture Spike! It has urged me to draw more and learn to draw different animals! I might try a monkey next! Maybe I’ll show you that next week 🐒

Looking forward to hearing what you’ve been up to this week!!

Miss S ☀️

This week’s tasks

As we said last week, every Monday this term, we will be setting tasks for you to complete at home. If you have any questions about the work, you can ask these on the blog using the ‘Comment’ section (don’t forget to use your initials only – you do not need to put an email address).

Of course we want to see your brilliant work, so we have set up a new class email address that you can use to send it to us! Ours is: 5KT@westrise-jun.e-sussex.sch.uk

If you have any other queries, questions or concerns please ask your adult to email Mr Fairclough:mikef@westrise-jun.e-sussex.sch.uk

Maths Tasks

Have a look on MyMaths for your tasks. Check out our feedback on the tasks you have completed.

Don’t forget to check out some of the Games, too! This week, we would like you to have a go at playing the Sky Solver games:

Look under Games / Skysolver and try:

  • Multiplying
  • Dividing
  • Estimating

Find a takeaway menu that your family doesn’t need anymore. Choose what you would like to order and add it up. How much does it come to? Now, make an order for your whole family. How much does your new order come to? What about ordering the healthiest meal you can find? How much does that cost? How about if you order everything that starts with a particular letter? Have fun adding up – make sure you use the column method!

Use the blog to let us know which game you liked best, and why!

Practical activities

Here are some other Maths activities for you to try at home this week.

Activity 1 – Maths using a takeaway menu!

Next, see if you can add up items to make your order come to exactly £10? How about £15? How about £20? If it isn’t possible to get exactly to those amounts, what is the closest you can get?

Use the blog to tell us about the menu you have used and what your order would come to!

Activity 2 – Making symmetrical patterns

Have a go at creating some symmetrical patterns. Use whatever objects you have to hand – lego, stationery, earrings, fruit, or even pairs of socks! You could also chalk patterns onto the ground, or draw symmetrical patterns on paper.

Use one line of symmetry at first, then see if you can make a pattern symmetrical using two lines of symmetry.

Kinnaird Primary on Twitter: "We have been using classroom objects ...
Symmetrical Pattern Making with Natural Materials | Symmetry ...

Comment below to tell us what you used to make your patterns, and whether you could work out two lines of symmetry!

  • Spellings

Here are this week’s spellings. You know lots of fun ways to practise these; rainbow writing, acrostic poems, blue for vowels, plus all the other activities we have carried out in class. On Friday, ask someone at home to test you on these by putting them into sentences (dictation), just like we do at school. Comment on this Blog post or email us to let us know how you got on.

Miss G’s GroupMs H’s GroupMs K and Mrs T’s GroupMiss Stringell, Miss Scott and Miss Bevan’s (Miss Hayes’ old group) Groups
Statutory awkward cemetery correspond develop forty conscious determined frequently conscience criticiseStatutory awkward cemetery correspond develop forty conscious determined frequently  Statutory awkward cemetery correspond develop forty  wr (silent w)
write wrong wrap wrist wrote  
  • Topic Task: Greek Gods

Research and write a character description of either Odysseus or Achilles.

Think about which characteristics made them heroes!

Draw pictures of your character to match his description.


Empiribox Ltd | LinkedIn

Our fantastic Science partners, Empiribox, have put together some fun Science Investigations that you can all do at home!

Every week, we will attach a new link for a lesson to try – simply click on the link and all will be revealed! There are worksheets that you can print off and complete, or you can just try out the practical investigation.

It would be brilliant if you could comment on our Class Blog to let us know how your investigation went!   If you get any photographs: of you in action, your experiment or your written work, then send them to us on our class email – we would love to see them and share them with our class!

This week’s investigation looks at materials – conductors and insulators. Enjoy…

This week’s link: https://home.empiribox.com/lessons/materials

Sussex School Games

This week’s sport is… Tennis!

We added our scores to our school’s total for last week’s sport, which was Hockey! (Ms K had to use a hobby horse as a hockey stick, and Mrs T used a golf club!) We had fun and are looking forward to some tennis challenges this week.

Here is a link to an explanation of the challenges http://www.activesussex.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Specsavers-Virtual-Sussex-School-Games-2020-Tennis.pdf

Check out the blog posts below for more detailed information about the Sussex School Games, or search online at https://www.activesussex.org/virtual/ to find out more.

All you need to do is ask your grown-up to sign you up on the Specsavers School Games website and get practising. This week’s challenges start today! Let’s do this West Rise!

In addition to all of this, please also remember that our school Facebook page is constantly being updated with useful information and helpful hints and tips.

For even more learning activities, you can also use these fantastic websites:

Have a good week! 😊 We can’t wait to hear from you!

Ms K, Mrs T and Miss S

3 thoughts on “Term 5 Week 3

  1. Hi SH! That was an amazing vid! You were at the lake under the massive bridge at 35 secs in the video – I walk Nala my pug round there each day! I might see u! Bye from RB


  2. Hi!😀 On Monday for Maths I played Monopoly with my mum and sister and I got all the best streets so I won with all the money🎉!
    I also drew Achilles which I wrote about the next day.
    Each morning I read and practice my spellings. When I read, my cat sits next to me and she falls asleep straight away but that’s all she does!😂🐈


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